2012 Project Updates

Seventeen volunteers helped rake leaves at Vancouver Lake Park on Saturday, December 8th.  The volunteers worked hard despite the cold weather and managed to rake up and dispose of ten cubic yards of leaves in three hours.  Members of the Boys and Girls Club of Southwest Washington and other community volunteers participated in the event.  Vancouver Lake Park is a huge park with many trees that lose their leaves in the fall.  In 2013 we will have leaf raking work parties every 2nd Saturday in October, November, and December--we hope you can join us!

Wildwood park adopters visited the park in early December and removed 34 bags of leaves and debris from the park.  This is a great example of a neighborhood association coming together for a common cause--a safer and meticulously maintained park.  Wildwood Neighborhood Association was the first neighborhood association to adopt a park, with the Sifton and Heritage Neighborhood Associations following closely behind.  We look forward to engaging more neighborhood associations in the Adopt-A-Park program in 2013! 

Vancouver based Rotary International clubs came together on Saturday, November 17th  to plant trees at Marshall Park.  The tree planting event was part of a larger effort by the Rotarians to improve the park by enhancing the park’s nature play area and tree cover.  Rotary raised the funds to purchase the trees and 22 volunteers spent the morning planting 17 trees in the park.  In 2013 Rotary will make additional improvements to the Nature Play area.  Thank you to the Vancouver Rotary for creating a healthy and fun space for kids and families to enjoy in Vancouver. 

On Saturday, October 20th, 19 volunteers from Nautilus, Inc. worked hard to complete various tasks at Pacific Community Park.  The volunteers spent 3 hours cleaning up a park-wide pruning and hedging project completed by parks maintenance staff the week before, picking up litter throughout the park, and weeding the Demonstration Garden located in the northeast section of the park.  It seems like  more and more businesses and corporations are volunteering at our parks and it is always a pleasure to work with these groups.  Great job everyone!
Thirteen 7th and 8th graders from Cascadia School and their teachers braved the persistent, pouring rain on Monday, October 22nd to remove scotch broom from the Camas Lily Field at Lacamas Park.  While the effort to remove the scotch broom from this area is on-going, the students made a huge impact by removing several yards of the non-native plant.  They maintained a great attitude, even though they were soaked through and covered in mud!  Excellent work!  
In honor of national Make a Difference Day, 55 volunteers dispersed to various county and city parks to pick up cigarette butts and other litter.  It rained for the full two hours that volunteers were cleaning up, but they managed to collect 25 pounds of cigarette butts and 12 bags of garbage.  We joined forces with Clark County Public Health this year, and they worked with the Maplewood and Ogden Neighborhood Associations to cleanup two parks along the Fourth Plain corridor.  Additionally, the Sherwood Neighborhood Association held a neighborhood cleanup and collected 20 bags of litter from throughout their neighborhood.  These volunteers proved that a little bit of rain is not going to stop them from making a difference in their community!  We look forward to holding the annual event again next year.