The volunteers at Whipple Creek Park have been very active this fall and early winter.  They have held several work parties a month, and have 4 more planned for this year: November 16th and 17th, as well as December 7th and 8th.  Volunteers are hauling and spreading gravel over several areas, including several sections of the Washington Trails Association re-route that was finished up earlier this fall. The volunteers will continue to work on several of the main loops at the park, including Southridge Trail.  If you haven't had a chance to volunteer at one of the events or visit the trail system at the beautiful park, we encourage you to do so!


On Saturday, November 2nd, over 60 volunteers came out to plant 135 trees and a couple thousand daffodil bulbs along the I-5 on and off ramps at 78th Street in Hazel Dell.  This volunteer event was spearheaded by Vicki Fitzsimmons, a board member of the Hazel Dell Salmon Creek Business Association and NE Hazel Dell Neighborhood Association, and she did an excellent job planning, organizing and facilitating the event.  The Washington Department of Transportation provided significant support, and Public Works staff was also on had to help out. Everyone is looking forward to seeing the daffodils bloom in the spring! 


At the Downtown Fall Cleanup on Saturday, November 2nd, there were 14 very hard-working volunteers raking leaves around the CRESA building and the Courthouse.  The variable weather didn't stop them from clearing nearly 7 cubic yards of leaves from one of the most treed areas of downtown. Volunteers from Clark College, a local Key Club, and several youth and their mentor from Restorative Community Services all chipped into tackle one of the season's most time consuming tasks: leaf removal!



On Tuesday, October 29th and Thursday, October 31st, 5th graders from Burnt Bridge Creek Elementary School removed nearly 10,000 square feet of dead blackberry canes from Whipple Creek Park.  This work is in preparation for a native tree planting scheduled for Tuesday, December 17th. We have been lucky to partner with the Lower Columbia River Estuary Partnership for the whole project, and their help and support has contributed greatly to the success of the project.  The students had a great time and worked hard, and we look forward to finishing up the project in December! 

Make a Difference Day

The 3rd Annual Make a Difference Day Cleanup: The Butt Stops Here, took place on Saturday, October 26th. Volunteers met at the Luke Jensen Sports Park and then went to various City and County Parks to pick up litter and cigarette butts.  Sixty-six volunteers spent the mid-afternoon removing 18 bags of garbage and 9 pounds of cigarette butts from 10 different parks.  The girl scout troop pictured here worked at Vancouver Lake Park and removed 8 bags of garbage from the large regional park.  Volunteers finished up the day with refreshments donated by Blind Onion Pizza and Starbucks.  A big thank you to all of our volunteers and generous donors.  We look forward to seeing you again next year on the fourth Saturday in October to celebrate the nation's largest day of service! 

On Friday, October 18th, students from Cascadia School pulled scotch broom from the Camas Lily Field at Lacmaas Park in Camas. The weather was beautiful and the students worked hard to pull about 5 cubic yards of scotch broom and haul it down the hill to the drop box to dispose of it.  Volunteers have been pulling scotch broom from this site for several years, and a marked improvement can be seen. This is a great example of the work that can be accomplished by our dedicated volunteers.   

Clark County 2nd Annual Day of Service: September 14, 2013

Saturday, September 14th marked the Day of Service in Clark County.  Volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Crossroads Community Church, and other community members worked on many different projects throughout the county.

We had many projects at our parks, including scotch broom removal at the Camas Lily Field at Lacamas Park (pictured left), new bench and BBQ assembly and installation at Captain William Clark Park, trail expansion at Vancouver lake Park, and several park and cemetery cleanups.

Volunteers of all ages came out in droves to accomplish their assigned tasks, and were an extremely hard-working and good natured bunch.  The parks projects would not have been such a success if it had not been for our parks maintenance staff. They were responsible for much prep work and planning, and several staff worked overtime on Saturday to assist the volunteers.  A big thank you to volunteers and staff alike for making the Day of Service such a wonderful success! 

On Sunday, September 8th, 40 volunteers from St. Andrew's Lutheran Church spent 3 hours cleaning up Orchards Park.  The volunteers picked up 6 bags of litter, removed English ivy, pulled weeds from the rose garden, washed picnic tables and signs, and swept the asphalt paths. 

The volunteers had spent the morning working around their church, but still had plenty of energy to clean up the park.  The volunteers did a great job and really made a difference!



The Washington Trails Association continues to work on the trail re-route at Whipple Creek Park.  This month they had a couple of work parties aimed at engaging youth in the project and the work parties have been very successful.  The kids were eager to learn and had a lot of fun! 

The partnership with WTA at Whipple Creek Park has led to significant trail improvements and offers a great way to engage volunteers at the site. 



August 24th marked the second annual pear and apple harvest at the Foley Community Orchard, located within the undeveloped Foley Park.  Urban Abundance brought the necessary tools, assisted volunteers, and played a large hand in making the harvest a success.  While there was a rather light set this year, volunteers managed to pick 10 crates of high quality fruit to donate to the Clark County Food Bank.  The harvest will be an annual event, so we hope you can lend a hand next summer--we need all the help we can get.  Thank you volunteers!



Columbia Riverkeeper led volunteers in a beach cleanup at Frenchman's Bar Park on Saturday, August 17th.  Frenchman's Bar Park is a very popular park, especially in the summer, and the beaches are often unfortunately strewn with litter.  The volunteers worked hard to remove 11 bags of litter on the 17th, doing their part to keep the litter from entering the Columbia River, and ultimately, the Pacific Ocean. 




Eight summer interns from Kiewit, engineering and construction company, spent the day volunteering at Hockinson Meadows park on August 9th.  This was an extremely hard working (and very fun) group who made quick work of removing hundreds of plant protectors. They also worked on painting the base of the seedlings with a paint/sand mixture to help deter shrews from gnawing on the trunks and potentially killing the young plants.  Great job Kiewit!




For several weeks this summer, The Crossing, a local church, will be holding their Sunday services at Hockinson Meadows Park.  For 5 weeks after their service, members of the church are removing plant protectors from trees planted in February 2012 and cleaning park amenities such as picnic tables, benches, and play equipment.  This is a great summer partnership and we look forward to working with the group through August. 




Volunteers have been working hard throughout July to continue with the trail maintenance at Whipple Creek Park.  Lead by volunteer Anita Will, recent winner of the Florence B. Wager Award, volunteers have been gathering on Tuesdays to remove mud, and haul and spread gravel.  The group is holding their next Saturday work party on August 3rd. If you would like to register for the event on the 3rd, click here.




On Saturday, July 20th, volunteers gathered at the Foley Community Orchard to continue restoring the historic orchard located within the undeveloped Foley Neighborhood Park.  Volunteers pulled weeds, removed blackberries, pruned the apple tree, and spread several yards of wood chips under the trees in the orchard.  The orchard is in great shape, and while there is a light set of fruit this year, we look forward to harvest in late August or early September.  Last year over 750 pounds of apples and pears from the orchard were donated to the Clark County Food Bank! 



On Thursday, July 18th, several members of the South Vancouver chapter of the MOMS Club helped clean up Pacific Park.  Assisted by their children, the mom's picked up 5 bags of garbage from the skate park area, the wooded section in the south of the park, and along the trails that wind through the park.  The kids (and moms!) were troopers and did a great job!  This was a fun event and a great way to pass on the importance of community service. 




Neighbors of Bratton Canyon Park in Woodland gathered to help restore the beautiful 80 acre park on Saturday, June 29th. The neighbors spent several hours removing scotch broom, weed whacking and mowing trails, brush hogging large fields, and cleaning the roofs ad interiors of the vault toilets on site.

This active group of neighbors has done a great job helping with maintenance at the park as well as being eyes on the park.  The next work party at Bratton Canyon Park is on the Clark County Day of Service on Saturday, September 14th.  Hope to see you there!


Washington Trails Association volunteers have been hard at work at Whipple Creek Park in June. They have spent three Thursdays this month working on the upper portion of the trail re-route at the park.  They have donated 133 volunteer hours this month and the trail work looks great! 

Some of our most dedicated volunteers work at Whipple Creek Park and their efforts have resulted in significant improvements along the trail system.  We are always looking for people who want to lend a hand out here, so let us know if you would like to get involved!


Youth volunteers and their group leaders spent 6 hours volunteering at Hockinson Meadows Park on Saturday, June 15th. The youth group from Living Hope Church spent the day removing plant protectors from a Growing Green planting at the park and removing plant protectors from a mitigation planting. Some of the youth also worked on cleaning park signs and others helped spread wood chips along a walking trail at the Kane Memorial Dog Park located inside Hockinson Meadows Park.  It was a warm, sunny day, but the youth worked hard to give back to their community.



Volunteers from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints gathered to volunteer at the Luke Jensen Sports Park on NE 78th Street on Saturday, June 8th.  The volunteers spent 3 hours weeding the vegetation beds in the parking lots, and removed trash, non-native Himalayan Blackberries and English Ivy, downed limbs, and other debris from the 6 acre natural area in the back of the park. 

The natural area has come a long way since many community volunteers started working on the site in February of 2012.  Since then, volunteers have planted trees, shrubs, and ground cover, removed yards of English Ivy, blackberries, and other vegetation debris, and cleaned up bag after bag of trash.  This site is a true testament to the impact dedicated volunteers have on their community.  Thank you!

75 volunteers from Crossroads Community Church arrived ready to work at Camp Hope in Batteground on Saturday, June 8th.  Camp Hope is a former Girl Scout campground (Camp Julianna)) and is being restored by a Battleground school teacher and an army of volunteers in an effort to create a place for community youth to gather.  The volunteers were participating in their church's 2nd Saturday volunteer event, and worked for several hours.  The volunteers removed several yards of non-native scotch broom to open up the view to the Lewis River, pressure washed the concrete slab at the site, and cut two new trails at the camp. It was a very successful day!



Students from the Vancouver School of Arts and Academics spent a few hours volunteering at Foley Community Orchard in honor of the Day of Caring. On Thursday, April 18th, 38 students spread wood chips under the pear trees, helped prune the apple tree, and also cleared vegetation debris and blackberries and dug up old fence posts and wire from the natural area at the park. This is the second year we worked with VSAA for the Day of Caring and we look forward to working with them again next year!




Volunteers from the Bonneville Power Administration and Clark Public Utilities celebrated Earth Day by clearing invasive blackberry and litter from Blurock Landing and planting 60 roses and removing litter from Frenchman's Bar Park. The volunteers were extremely hard-working and dedicated and managed to fill 2 15 cubic yard dumpsters with blackberries and other vegetation and did a great job opening up the viewpoint at Blurock Landing just south of Frenchman's Bar Park. The volunteers were a great group and a lot of fun to work with. Great job everyone!



On Monday, April 22nd 15 volunteers from Cadet Manufacturing celebrated Earth Day by volunteering at Vancouver Lake Park. The volunteers pulled plant protectors from along the dike trail and stomped down the surrounding reed canary grass. They also pulled teasel, a non-native plant, and picked up several bags of garbage from various areas throughout the park and along the beach. It was a warm day and the volunteers worked hard to complete the work. The group was in great spirits and did a great job!