Weed Warriors take action to reduce the negative impact of invasive plant species in Clark County parks, trails, and open spaces, and thus improving the aesthetic and recreational quality of our public places. Weed Warriors reflect the willingness of the local citizens to be involved and take part in their community as environmental stewards.litter squad 


Duties & Responsibilities:

You would actively remove invasive plant species from parks, trails, and open spaces.  Invasive plants include, but are not limited to, Himalayan blackberry, ivy, garlic mustard, and scotch broom.  Typical tasks may include pulling weeds, carrying loads to dumpsters, and site clean up.


You will also need to track and regularly submit your volunteer hours to the Volunteer Program Coordinator. 


All Weed Warriors will meet with the Volunteer Program Coordinator and learn about proper invasive plant removal techniques and safety standards.



Time Commitment:

Flexible date and time that works best for the volunteers. Typically 2-4 hour shifts.



All parks, trails, and open spaces.


Minimum Age:

You must be at least 13 years of age or older (unless volunteering as part of a family).  If you are under the age of 18 you will need to fill out a Minor Consent Form which can be obtained through the Volunteer Program Coordinator or on-line.


Application required: Yes, unless volunteering at a pre-planned group event.

Background check required: Yes, unless volunteering at a pre-planned group event.



This is great opportunity to get outside, beautify parks, trails and greenspaces, meet new people, and to learn about invasive plant species and their removal. 


For more information and to apply:

Contact the Volunteer Program Coordinator at (360) 397-2285 ext. 1627or