Help us capture images of our services, programs, and events with compelling photos that show the importance of parks, trails, and open spaces in our community. Photos will be displayed on our webpages and in other electronic and print communications, such as brochures and newsletters.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Photograph activities and events that take place in Clark County parks and on trails.  Particularly needed are photos of weekend volunteer events and photos of people using parks for recreation.  Images can include people in action, group shots, candids and portraits in outdoor settings.  If you capture images with people’s faces, you will need to have them sign a release form (forms are provided by the Volunteer Program Coordinator).  You will also need to document each photo submitted with a description that includes the date and location.


You will also need to track and regularly submit your volunteer hours to the Volunteer Program Coordinator. 



Location: All parks, trails, and open spaces.

Time Commitment: Flexible date and time that works best for the volunteers.

Experience required: Should have some knowledge and experience in photography


Minimum Age: You must be at least 16 years of age or older.

Application required: Yes

Background check required: Yes


Benefits:This is great opportunity to get outside, reconnect with nature, enhance your photography skills, and build your portfolio.


For more information:
Contact our volunteer coordinator at or (360( 397-2285 ext. 1627 for more information